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Grand Final V Beans at North Hobart 23/09/06

The boys warm up as Ron Kenny does his thing for OSFA..
A Grand Final is up for grabs.

A mixed first quarter but we are still in there

Richard Bingham, Pete Gee and the Mouth look on
.Dean Cooper, Spook Leary, Mike Polegay, Ozie Owens and Peter Rowe

SOS Kelly, Shark Blacklow, Timsy Ellis, Greg Phair, Gordon Cuff and Bernie Hoggett give support

Vern O'Byrne and Graeme Paine.    Guy Marquis (thanks for my good knee) and Simon Folder with Terry Owens

Champions all: Rundle, Rowe, Hoggett and Owens!                            Mark Johnson and Gary Shaw weren't too bad either!

Greig Rundle, Dean Cooper, Paul 'Basil' O'Halloran, Peter Rowe. Terry Owens and Pete Collett watch on

Nick Whittle receives treatment

Charles 'Chuckie' Jones unloads and Chris Hess gives Richard 'Pecka' Palfreyman something to remember

Jack Bennett, Glen Miller as Ann Kelly spin.    Spook asks Dean Cooper to buy some more good horses (Thanks for the tip Dean$$$)

      Yes Mike Bailey - the book is about to launch!!

Well Done Big Mal and the rest of the committee for 2006 (with Dan Bearman)

Articulate Big Mal, and the Coach Ziggy impresses the ladies by spiking up with beer conditioner!

I'm sure there is more to the night but I'm too old and have gone to bed. Any pics or stories?????

 Preliminary finals at Queenborough 16/09/2006


Reserves in action but their effort wasn't good enough for finals success. Still, a terrific year.

The seniors step onto Queenborough with confidence


Supporters had a good day

Time to celebrate and take on the Beans next week

Semi finals at Richmond 09/09/2006

Gregg Harris gets angry

Round 14 02/09/06 OHA

Lotto winner Peter Ogier was St Kilda runner when Ken Sheldon left his coaching
box to deliver a spray to Craig Davenport over the fence at the MCG in 1992

The firsts in action

An attentive but messy crowd!

Andrew 'Dollar' Clifford and Ian 'Sparky' Archer enjoyed the free beer and tucker as
their Golf Day victory prize.

The bench warmers after half time, a good run from Nicho Aird
and some second half action below.


Round 13 26/08/06 St Virgils

Quarter time saw the Firsts looking good but Gavin Shaw couldn't see much at all.

Ziggy makes a point and Nick Whittle (I think) waits for the ball.

A costly miss to Ziggy above, but a great goal to Shaun Suiter below.


Jane helps SOS with lotto and to celebrate his birthday! Anne, Mary and Jane enjoy a drink at the Syntax.

Round 12 19/08/06 DOSA at home

The Seconds continue their great winning form with Mal Reeve kicking the first for the day..

... and John Murton about to snap another.   Cam Burgess marks and celebrates his first of four for the firsts.

Jack Bennett looks the part managing the bar in his Uni T-shirt

This is one team photo that will never make the wall - Chucky Jones was over exposed!


Round 11 12/08/06 At Richmond

The seniors run out past the victorious seconds... and Bill almost gets cleaned up!
A point the difference at quarter time
A ten goal burst in the second quarter and a well earned rest at half time.

Big, bad bustling Bearman celebrates at the Syntax and Jack Bennett, Millsy, Bill and Nigel Rogers draw Jack Potter for the cash.

Round 10 05/08/06 Supporters Group Lunch

Mark Spinks fires up the Reserves for another win
Much to the delight of SOS, Millsy, Ron and Timsy
Greig Rundle, Greg Suitor, Doc Smith and............Wally Newman and Panther Hall enjoy two good wins
Peter Huth (left) made a special trip from Qld
The Firsts didn't let the crowd down.

EJ Burgess and Buck Donnelly train the next generation of Rainbows

Round 9(new) 29/07/06

A tribute to the reserves, coached by Gregg Harris and their great season so far as they beat the Beans. Good to see Rod Radford watch the game the Brain.

Round 8(new) 22/07/06


A few of the regulars at the Syntax and Jack Pot wins again

Round 7(new) 15/07/06

  Millsy and Droop man the bar!

Mick, Anne and Shannon do a magnificent job on the canteen - a fantastic job well done.



 Round 6(new) 08/07/06

Relaxing at the good Doctor after losing to Richmond with many senior players away on vacation.

Anne and Jane do Spook a favour!

Round 9 24/6/06

        aaA 1 point loss despite the coach's efforts.



President Justin Smith introduced the Southee-Palfreyman Cup to recognise the contributions made by those two families to the respective clubs. The two teams will play for the cup when first they meet each season.


Uni President Justin Smith introduces the cup concept

                                                                The crowd settles in to watch the game

Coach Craig 'Ziggy' Haremza tries to get a win for the crowd.

Stewie Palfreyman presents the Cup to Coach Adam Doran             Mick Bailey speaks about the late Ric Southee

  .. and the usual festivities continue!