Seventieth Anniversary and Blood Sweat and Cheers Book Launch


                                                                                                          Peter and Katrin Alcock

Peter Alcock, Jane Guest and Peter Scott

Steven Smith, Lynda (Collett), Robyn Gottschalk and Dave Jeffrey

Geoff Coleman                    Geoff Coleman, Graeme Foster and Peter Hall

Rod Radford                                                Rod with Steve Morton and Bernie Hoggett

Peter Symons enjoys the Couch presentation and Ron Kenny introduces an era.
Mark Johnston, Ron Mawbey and Ron on the couch.            Brad Willis and presenter Peter Gee
EJ Burgess, Peter Walker and Brett Manion

Peter Kelly, thanks for 11 years managing the Supporters Group - Jack Bennett, Mate Simpson and Rocky Noonan.
Peter Griffiths, Peter Collett, Len Cuff and Beaver Dyer                Radar McCarthy, Les Marshall and Bruce Mason

Greg Phair and Craig Martin                    Dave Jeffrey, Peter Scott and Terry Owens

Deborah Hill and Gerald Coombes                                Clive Ockenden and Alistair Crisp

Ladies 1 and 2                                        Ladies 3 and 4 with Nick Whittle

Lady 5 with James Hoult and Scott Rolls                                                Angela Bird and John Kenny

Peter Symons with Geoff Bushby                    Penny Ackroyd and John MacMurray

Lady 6, Gavin Shaw, Cameron Burgess with Dad and Mum

Gent 2 with Lady 7                                        Gent 3 with Lady 8                                            Gent 3 with Lady 9

Lady 10 with Gent 4                                                Chris Hess and Gent 6

Jess Hanson and Emma Lamprill                                    Lady 13, Lady 14 and Gent 7

Naomi Roberts-Thompson, Lady 16 and hidden Gavin Shaw                                           Geoff Bushby and Des Jackson

Many interesting articles on the wall.                   
Kylie Waight and Lady 18 with Shaun Suitor and Steffen Waight

Lady 19 and Gent 9                                                            Geoff Bushby

Brett Manion, Nick Preshaw and Buck Donnelly

Mick Bailey presents Andrew Panton with a signed Bulldogs jumper

Ývonne and Paul Bennett                                            Vic Barling

Deb Williss and Jill Burgess                                   
Mick launches his book (Buy now!) while Greig Rundle, Greg Blackburn and Rod Chandler look on

Bess Cable                                            Marge and Brian Eade                                        Greg Eade

Adrian Byers and Lady 20                         Craig Haremza, Matt Hawkins, Shaun Suitor, Ladies 21, 22

Tess Buerchner and Margaret Bailey                                Stretch Eade signs the Uni jumper

Justin Smith thanks Shannon and Annette Cullen                Gents 12 and 13 with Lady 23

Gent 14 and Lady 24                                                Ed Jones and Lady 25

Lady 26, Dan Bearman, Chucky Jones and Gent 15            Ed Jones, Mal Reeve and Lady 27

David Swifte and Norm Gregory                    Lady 28 and Carol Boyd

Brian Eade chats with Steve Smith and Yvonne Bennett, Peter Scott and Soapie Bennett

Fenton Jones and sally Potter watched by Mike Polegay

Peter Walker, Boss Johnston, John MacMurray and Buck Donnelly

Pete Gee puts on his auctioneer's hat

John Woodruff signs a Uni jumper, Phil Jones and Matt Hawkins

The auction of signed jumpers raised valuable funds on the night.

John and Christine Blacklow enjoy a read while Steffen Waight bids

Radar tries to kiss Les again while Di and Bruce Mason get a laugh.

Great band.

Pete Gee, Gregg Harris and Justin Smith                        Justin thanks Troy Stewart

Brett Harris and Simone McBroom                    Phil Jones, Peter Gee and Bill Trethewie

Party tricks!

Julie Maloney, Bob Collett and Peter Maloney                    Lady 30 and Gent 16

Droop Radar and Bill                                                    Luke Roberts

Philip Holden, Gordon Cuff, Alistair Crisp and Len Cuff

Sharon and Carol Boyd, Mike Bailey, Peter Collett and John Lewis
Paul Stoessiger, Beaver Dyer and Bob Collett                            Peter Kelly gives Paul Brooks some advice.

Phil Guest                                                    Peter, Penny, John, Panto share some tales
Len and Gordon Cuff with Jack Potter

Well done guys! You deserve a drink.