Jumper Unveiling 2013

The Unveiling

After half a century of donning pretty much the same jumper with a few variations, the 2012-2013 committee decided it was time for a change.

In a bid to modernise the Rainbows jumper and ensure maximum performance and comfort for all players, the TUFC committee moved to redesign the existing training and game day guernseys for 2013. After allocating Reserves and Senior player numbers for the upcoming season, sizes were determined to ensure the new guernseys were a perfect fit for each and every Rainbow.

With Platinum sponsors Village Dry Cleaning and the Doctor Syntax adorning the chest area and long-time major sponsor Jackson Motor Company on the back, the new jumpers give TUFC players a more professional look and feel on game day. The brand new shorts consist of the same light-weight, AFL-standard material and  also feature Gold sponsors Ochre Recruitment and NAB.  

The new designs retains the traditional red, yellow and black colour scheme common to University-affiliated sporting clubs and associations and the old guernsey which has been worn for fifty years.

The new training jumper
.                               New match jumper and shorts unveiled in 2013. (Note: Looks blue but is black)









May 04 2013, the new strip worn for the first time by the senior team against Hutchins at Queenborough. The Unveiling was to have been at the University Oval but a lack of goal posts meant a change in venue. Uni lost by five points when Hutchins kicked a goal on the final siren.

For more game information and pictures - Round 5

A Brief History

This brief history is designed to celebrate the unveiling of the new jumper and to trace the evolution in design not only of the jumper but also the socks and shorts. Much of the information is taken from Blood, Sweat and Cheers 1936-2006 written and edited by Michael Bailey. Hopefully others will contribute to this page, especially with information about colours used in the uniform and the reasons behind the changes.

Local football historian, Adrian Collins traced the history of the Club back to 1902 but there is little information about the uniform.


1939 - Tasmanian University v Melbourne University

Rugby style jumper but not sure of the colours. Uncertain as to whether teams wore different jumpers for IV games.



"... and went to the University, then on the Domain in1944. I joined the TUFC that year .... At first we didn't have a set of jumpers and wore anything we had so that we were distinguishable from the other side by our odd jumpers.Geoffrey Colman 2006







1948 - Intervarsity

Still a rugby style jumper with a patch containing the rampant lion. The hoops of 1939 have gone. Most likely blue with yellow collar. (See 1957)










Pride of place in the current clubrooms, encased in glass, is one of the jumpers
worn by Des Jackson after his time as a P.O.W in Jaca









1950 - Intervarsity

Pretty much the same as 1948 but with the addition of a sash











1953 - Intervarsity

Quite a dramatic change by 1953. Again, not certain if they wore different jumpers in IV games to the ones they wore in roster games. Colours unknown but obviously lighter, maybe the emergence of orange and red. Note the different directions of the sash.










1954 - Intervarsity

Seems to be a bit of a collection of previous years with the exception of 1953 which was probably a one-off IV strip.

Note the different colour sashes and variation in socks.










1955 - Intervarsity

The breast patch has gone and for the first time sleeveless jumpers make an appearance probably due to individuals removing sleeves themselves.

Also note the socks, second from left, hoops similar to the current sock.









1956 - Intervarsity

Short sleeves look more professional and the sash is back.










1957 - Intervarsity

Style is similar but the colours appear to be radically different. Note also the hooped socks which don't appear to be universally accepted at this stage. Probably a one-off IV jumper

"In 1957... . There was just one team known as the "Blues". We wore a blue jumper, with yellow collar and cuffs, together with the Uni badge on the left chest". - Peter "Panther" Hall








1958 - Intervarsity

Map of Tassie with TUFC somewhat crudely patched on.  Note the hooped socks seem to be more common.

"There was a change in jumpers in 1958. The new jumper had a map of Tasmania with T.U.F.C on the front. The earlier jumper was blue with a red sash going from the right shoulder to the waist. I noticed that in the 1957 photograph several of us (myself included) wore jumpers with the sash going from the left shoulder, and can only surmise that we must have been very hard up!"- Jim Jago







1959 - Intervarsity

Again probably a one-off for IV.











1962 - Intervarsity

The modern tri-colour jumper appears at last with red/orange hooped socks. White shorts away and black at home.

"The Football Club had two teams. The firsts played in the Southern Amateur League and wore the red yellow and black jumpers. The second ... wore the old blue and gold jumpers."  -  Norm Gregory








1968 -  Seniors

Small University badge appears











1972 - Seniors

New collarless jumpers worn by some players. Until 1972 jumpers had been rugby style made from wool. They were hot in warm weather and heavy when wet.











1973 - Seniors

Most players have opted for the new lightweight jumpers and note for the first time the addition of a black hoop to the socks.











1976 - Seniors

The "Secret Weapon"

This jumper certainly had a short life. The powerful senior side decided to purchase lace-up jumpers. Although they went on to win the flag in 1977 the jumper was certainly controversial.

"And who can forget the "Secret Weapon" unveiled for the first time in the 1976 Grand Final and the resulting sight of players ripping of the same weapons when the tight lacing of the new skin tight nearly resulted in on-field asphyxiation."   -

Sharon Collett, nee Boyd, first woman timekeeper for TUFC.

Socks change from a red to black top-hoop.






1977 - Seniors

Some players bravely wore the lace-up and won a premiership this year - looks very uncomfortable!











1987 - Seniors

Black topped socks and unbelievably tight shorts with a red and yellow side flash.











2006 - seniors

About this time a black background for the yellow number appeared. The Club had elected to buy team sets of jumpers with numbers included. Previously individuals bought their own jumpers and numbers which they had to sew on themselves. Sponsors logos were also added.





Major sponsor logos added to the back











 2011 - Seniors

A variation with the black rather than yellow V- neck.